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Choosing what's best for you

How to figure out what you need:

A full jazz band or something smaller? (Jazz Duo, Trio, etc...)

Jazz music can "scale" to your wedding, private party, or corporate event. That way you can tailor the music to your needs... You might be envisioning a dance party, or you might be envisioning background  music... no problem! Either way you'll get great international style jazz music played by a grand vintage lounge orchestra!

Here are some guidelines that you may find helpful; all combinations are with male vocals:
  • Full Jazz Band (Vocal, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Sax, Trumpet):
    Entertaining and flexible. If you want to dance this is your best option. But great for conferences, congresses and business-meetings, too.

  • Jazz Quartet plus Guitar, Sax or Trumpet:
    A very good choice if you want the fuller sound, but in a more intimate setting where a "hot dance party" is not desired.

  • Jazz Quartet:
    A very good midsize solution and great for cocktail parties. The smallest setup if you want to dance, but no big variety in the instrumentation (vocals, piano or guitar, bass, drums)

  • Jazz Trio:
    Great for events where the music is mainly background. Vocals is the foundation. Add two of the following: guitar or piano; bass, sax or trumpet.

  • Duos:
    Several combinations are available, please call or email to discuss. Vocals & Guitar save room at a small party!!
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