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Rate information

Step 1: Do You Love The Music ?

The most important aspect of you hiring any musicians is that the music they play feels
good to you and fits your "vision" of your affair.
YOU should feel that we are a good fit for you. You should feel that a great jazz band
is a perfect choice for your wedding, private party or corporate event.

Before disclosing rate information, we ask that you listen to the music and watch the
videos to see if we are the right fit for you.

You can listen to some songs while watching our Slideshow

We want YOU to be in LOVE with the music, and with 'Jazzeau'


Factors in Rates

Each affair is priced differently, because each affair is tailored to suit your needs.

Here are some of the factors involved:

  • Length of the affair & number of musicians
  • Travel considerations
  • Logistic activities
  • Song requests
  • Insurance Requirements, if any
  • Lodging / overnight stays


Our jazz band travels mainly in European countries.

Yes, we have played overseas but travel costs of course must be taken into consideration.

Please contact us to discuss this. Out of country weddings, private parties and corporate
events are priced on a per event basis.

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